About Eric Buschbacher

Hello and welcome to Eric Buschbacher's  Home Page | Eric Buschbacher began his college career at the University of Rhode Island.

As a sophomore student, Eric Buschbacher transferred and subsequently earned an Associates Degree in Business from Bergen Community College.

Eager in earning his Bachelor’s degree, Eric applied and was accepted to St. John’s University, in Jamaica NY, where he recently graduated from and earned his Bachelor’s Degree with a Major in Business Management.

Eric Buschbacher is eager and anxious to begin a professional career in an entry level position where he can develop, gain new skills and challenge himself all while contributing to the success of a company’s future.

On a personal note, Eric enjoyed playing competitive sports in basketball and soccer and still regularly goes to the gym with a focus on strength training.

Eric is an avid sports fan that enjoys rooting on the Giants, Knicks and Yankees and enjoys watching the top European nations compete in the Euro and World Cup.

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