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Eric Buschbacher

Urban Lifestyle in NYC as Told by Eric Buschbacher

According to Eric Buschbacher, New York City has everything to offer. Many people dream about moving to the Big Apple, a city full of opportunity and adventure. It’s known for its beautiful architecture, outstanding cuisine, diversity, sports facilities, and more. Well-known celebrities can often be seen in the streets as they enjoy top-notch entertainment and […]

Eric Buschbacher

Eric Buschbacher Explains the Benefits of Diversity at St Johns

According to Eric Buschbacher, St. John’s University has one of the most diverse student populations in the country, offering unseen benefits. When choosing a college, many applicants are looking for something different: a diverse student body. The United States has made strides towards inclusivity and acceptance, which means higher education institutions should follow suit. For […]